Why YouTube is So Valuable

YouTube contains so much useful content for practically any subject under the sun.

It's like you're getting one-on-one help from your own personal army of instructors, teachers, mechanics and coaches... 

When you want the "Best Way to Cook a Turkey"...YouTube it!

Or, when you want to learn "How to Replace a Headlight in a 2005 Honda Civic"...YouTube it!

Also, when you want to learn "How to Replace Ram in my Laptop"...YouTube it!

Then especially after a weekend food frenzy, you'll want to find "The Best Workout to Burn Belly Fat"...just YouTube it!

The same works for Affiliate Marketing.  There is tons of high quality content available on YouTube to learn how to get started in the following aspects:

  • Starting a Website
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Free and Paid Traffic Sources
  • Email Marketing
  • How to Make Great Youtube Videos
  • How to Start a Podcast

Valuable YouTube Channels

Here's a few channels that cover many of the above mentioned aspects and we think you'll find them useful to build your online business.

Pat Flynn - Smart Passive Income

Income School

Neil Patel

Marcus Campbell - Affiliate Marketing Dude

Nate and Mike O'Brien - Santrel Media

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