July 21, 2020

Email Autoresponders like AWeber and GetResponse are an important time-saving tool used in email marketing that takes the monotony of sending emails and puts the work into the hands of powerful software.

What is an Email Autoresponder?

An email autoresponder is software used in email marketing that does a few very important things:

Storing Subscriber Emails

Collecting subscriber emails is the lifeblood of email marketing.  

An autoresponder allows you to collect hundreds to thousands of emails at a time.

The video below shows how easy it is to create a list on AWeber.

Organize Subscribers Into Segments

One of the more powerful but often forgotten feature of email autoresponders is the ability to organize subscribers into different segments through the use of tags.

What this allows you to do is put certain subscribers into categories according to their behaviour, interest, locations and more.

For example, over a period of time certain subscribers more often open emails that pertain to specific topics. 

By placing a tag on those subscribers, you can send more targeted content regarding a topic that results in higher open rates, link clicks and sales.

The video below explains this in more detail.

Send Emails to Subscribers

Sending regular emails, like newsletters or offers, is the key to creating rapport with your subscribers.

Offering valuable content more often than offers will build trust and help develop a long-term relationship.

Track Status of Emails

Knowing the status of your emails is a great way to determine if where you are succeeding and also where you need to make improvements.

By tracking email opens, and link clicks you get an idea of what your subscribers interests, needs and wants are.

Create Sequenced Emails

Creating and sending sequenced emails over time is probably the best and greatest time-saving feature of an autoresponder.

By creating an extensive email sequence beforehand, this allows you to send emails strategically and consistently to subscribers as they join your lists.

This can help to build your brand and let your subscribers know that you are supplying them information on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

An essential element of building an income in Affiliate Marketing is through Email Marketing.

This makes using Autoresponder software like AWeber or GetResponse invaluable for your online business.

We can't stress enough the importance of building up a chest of essential tools to make building your Affiliate Marketing business the right way.

At the writing of this post, AWeber is offering a FREE plan that you can try by CLICKING HERE.

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