​​​​Web Hosting

So you chosen your online business name ,and purchased and registered a domain name for your website.

Your website needs a place to live so your step is to find a hosting provider.

Each one of these Web Hosting companies has very similar services.  Check out each one to see which one fits your needs and budget.



Founder Matt Heaton originally conceived Blue Host in 1996, founding 2 companies 50megs.com and 0catch.com, but eventually settled on BlueHost in 2003.


Host Gator

Founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Brent Oxley, Host Gator, was originally a domain name registrar.  The company started offering hosting services in 2008.


Go Daddy

Originally a domain host registrar, Go Daddy, started offering web hosting services after their acquisition of Media Temple in 2013.

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