December 3, 2019

Discover one of the best online image creation platforms available. 

Stencil is an online image creation software that allows you to create images for your website, blog or social media accounts quickly.  

Search over 2 million images to create stunning custom images.  

Using the Stencil Chrome extension, you can activate the software from any web page when inspiration hits you.

Who Uses Stencil?

Stencil has over 245,000 active users including some the following companies:

Great Features

Some of the features we really like include:

  • 2,2000,000+ Stock Photos with thousands added weekly
  • Browser extension add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • 70+ Pre-loaded image sizes for social media, ads and blog posts
  • 3000+ Google Web Fonts
  • Create your own custom image sizes and save as templates
  • 1075+ Premium templates to create beautiful images quickly
  • 100,000+ Quotes
  • Schedule Social Media posts

How To Create a Basic Image

The video below demonstrates how to create a basic image.

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About the author 

Glenn Malelang

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