​​​​Johannes Larsson

We stumbled upon Johannes' website while doing research for Walk Affiliate Talk and found that his laid-back approach and advice rang true.

His 7 Step introductory Affiliate Marketing course is perfect for people just starting out and gives you excellent information about how to start your online business.


  • His Introductory course is FREE
  • The 7 Step training series is well presented and easy to read
  • Actionable steps are clearly explained
  • Topics covered include: Choosing Your Niche, Buying a Domain and Hosting, Content Writing 


  • Training Modules do not contain videos
  • Information is very basic and does not go into much detail
  • Advanced Training is PAID
  • Although not required, purchase of a domain is recommended


We found Johannes' approach was very friendly and immediately agreed that his training would benefit absolute beginners.

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